Banting Brownies


We have been looking for a Banting Brownies recipe. We have found this one on various Banting Facebook groups and we tried to perfect it.
The recipe consists of Almond flour, eggs, cacao, coconut flour, chopped walnuts, 85% Lindt dark chocolate, butter, Xylitol, vanilla essence, baking powder and salt.

The recipe specifies desiccated coconut and chopped nuts on top before putting it in the oven. We have decided it requires a chocolate ganache type of icing on top. We’ve made this from butter, dark chocolate, vanilla essence and Xylitol with chopped nuts on top for decoration.

The above picture was the end result. We had one piece each and it was very filling. You can’t really eat more than one in one go. We are very happy with it and we were wondering if our readers and our customers would be willing to buy it from us and what you would be willing to pay keeping in mind the expensive ingredients we use.

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