CocoáFair Organic Chocolate

It’s a scientific fact: chocolate makes you feel good.

CocoàFair was started so you could feel especially good, because not only are you eating a mouthwatering, organic chocolate bar made from the best cocoa beans on earth, but CocoàFair is a social business, meaning that the profits from the company go back into Cape Town’s communities to support local initiatives. So whether you’re enjoying your dark, milk, or white chocolate, you can feel good about the fact that CocoàFair is putting your money to use by paying fair wages to farmers producing the raw materials, creating employment opportunities, and starting projects driven by social innovation that will benefit the development of communities in South Africa.

Why you want CocoàFair chocolate:
• It is the first chocolate factory in Africa that produces the entire chocolate product, from the cocoa bean to the finished bar.
• It’s organic!
• It’s better than fair trade because not only are CocoàFair paying their farmers fair trade prices, but they are also teaming up with them to help them grow and enhance their products.
• It’s a social enterprise, so your money doesn’t go back into someone’s pocket; your money goes right back into supporting the disadvantaged communities around you.
• It’s incredibly delicious!

CocoàFair Vision:
CocoàFair want to combat poverty in Africa with chocolate. Their plan is to set up small-scale enterprises throughout Africa that will provide their chocolate factory in Cape Town with all the raw materials they need to make the best chocolate on earth. They will partner with these enterprises and get their raw materials directly from them so they won’t need any middlemen. This will decrease chocolate prices for you and increase wages for their farmers, creating greater social wealth for all parties involved. They plan on setting up one social enterprise per year (at minimum), financed by CocoàFair’s profits.

The Banting Lifestyle will be supplying CocoàFair’s products from November. Some of their products that are suitable for the banting way of eating are the 95%, 85% and 71% Organic Dark Couverture Chocolate bars (occasionally as a treat). We will also supply you with the not-so banting friendly 38% Organic Milk Chocolate and 30% Organic Vanilla White Chocolate. If you love baking with Cocoa Powder, you can order your Organic Cocoa Powder from us as well in 250g and 1kg packs. Our prices are below and on our November price list.

95% Dark Couverture 100g R 45.00
85% Dark Couverture 100g R 40.00
71% Dark Couverture 100g R 40.00
38% Milk Couverture 100g R 40.00
30% White Couverture 100g R 40.00
Cocoa Powder 250g R 60.00
Cocoa Powder 1kg R 190.00

We can also order a large range of chocolates with an amazing variety of other ingredients added e.g Milk and Hazelnut, White and Vanilla, 65% Dark and Desert salt and there are lots more! Please email us if there’s a chocolate that you like that is not on our list. Couverture chocolate is a very high quality chocolate that contains extra cocoa butter (32%-39%).


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