Teaspresso and Cape Dutch Chocolate


TeaSpresso is a Cape Town company that opened their doors in 2006. They supply their superior quality products to the local and the export market. Key to their business is that they use no harmful additives, bulking agents, artificial sweeteners or other potential harmful ingredients in their products.

Some of their products that we will be supplying from November include the following:

Sugar-Free hot choc
Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Sugar Free Hot Chocolate and Sugar free Dark Thick Hot Chocolate

This is a delicious ‘guilt free’ rich & creamy Hot Chocolate. It contains Xylitol, that makes it ideal for diabetics, weight watchers or anyone looking at cutting down on sugar and it is suitable for the banting lifestyle.

Product IngredientsXylitol, full cream milk powder, whey powder, acacia gum and vanillin.

Recipe suggestions:

Mix 3 tsp (25g) powder with a bit of milk and stir into a paste. Add hot or frothy milk and stir!
Blend together 50g powder + 50ml milk + 2 cups ice
Blend together 50g powder + 50ml milk + 1 frozen banana + 2 cups ice
Just add chocolate powder to your favourite coffee drink

Coconut Dark Chocolate
Coconut Dark Chocolate

Coconut Dark Hot Chocolate

A rich cocoa hot chocolate with a coconut flavour. It is dairy free and contains low GI (GI of 35) coconut sugar. Read more about coconut sugar on the low-carb diet here.

We also supply the Cape Dutch Organic Coconut Sugar (200g). Coconut sugar is a natural sugar or sweetener substitute. It is made from the flowers of the coconut tree by evaporating the sap of the tree. It has a sweet pleasantly nutty aroma and a rich, caramel flavour which is devoid of any coconut aftertaste!  It contains more Vitamins & Minerals than most alternative sweeteners. Use in hot drinks and even in baking. Due to its Low Glycemic Index (GI of only 35), it is ideal for diabetics & health-conscious people!

Product Ingredients: Coconut sugar, coconut milk powder, cocoa, acacia gum.

Recipe suggestions:

Mix 4 tsp (30g) with a bit of milk and stir into a paste. Add hot or frothy milk and stir! Can be made with water, any milk substitute (dairy free), or best made with hot frothy milk.

350ml FRAPPE
Blend together 50g powder, 50ml milk, water or ice cream & 2 cups of ice.

Coconut Cream Powder
Coconut Cream Powder

Coconut Cream Powder

Like other coconut products, Coconut Cream Powder is considered one of the top super foods.

This is a great substitute to dairy and is delicious in cereals, cooking and baking, coconut icing & toppings, smoothies or just in plain water.  The Cape Dutch premium high fat coconut cream powder is instantly soluble with water to bring exotic taste of tropical coconut aroma and flavour to your cooking and baking.

Suggested Use: To make a glass of coconut milk mix 1 heaped tbsp (15g) of powder with water.

Some possible benefits of Cape Dutch Coconut Cream Powder may include:

  • Supporting healthy cholesterol levels
  • Improving digestion and absorption of other nutrients including vitamins, minerals, & amino acids
  • Keeping skin & blood vessels flexible & elastic
  • Boosting energy & endurance
  • Aiding in building strong bones
  • Killing viruses that cause influenza, herpes, measles, hepatitis C, SARS, AIDS, & other illnesses
  • Helping prevent anaemia
  • Supporting tissue healing & repair
  • Boosting immune system
  • Supporting the proper functioning of your thyroid gland

Sugar Free Vanilla Chai Latté

chai latte

Cape Dutch Pure Cocoa for Baking

We also supply the Cape Dutch Pure Cocoa powder that is generally used for baking. In a previous post we have discussed the numerous benefits of Cocoa. On the back of the pack is a delicious 5 star moist chocolate cake recipe. Please note this recipe is not suitable for the banting lifestyle.

Pure Cocoa Powder
Pure Cocoa Powder
Chocolate Cake Recipe (Not suitable for banting)

Finally, we also supply The Royal Nutrition Whey Protein natural unflavoured protein supplement, used for making various types of smoothies (Not suitable for banting). It contains no additives, no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners and it is suitable as a regular meal replacement. Make a base smoothie to drink on its own, or add additional flavours as per below.



350ml Banana base Smoothie:

Blend together 2 tbsp (30ml scoop) Protein powder, 100 ml milk or Yoghurt, 2 cups of Ice, a frozen Banana & 1 tbsp Honey.

Add to your base one of the following flavorous.

  • *Chocolate – add 1 tbsp Cocoa
  • *Coffee – add 1 tbsp instant coffee or an espresso
  • *Mocha – add 1 tbsp Cocoa & 1 tbsp Coffee
  • *Berry – replace 1/2 a cup of Ice with 1/2 cup of frozen berries

Other flavourants that can be added: almonds, peanut butter, muesli etc

Whey, Soy Isolate

Prices for all these products can be found on our price list for November.


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