LCHF Flourless Chocolate Cake

A nice low-carb flourless chocolate cake from Cor Winckler’s Banting Blog – Banting Core.

Banting Core

My biggest concern with ‘normal’ cakes that use almond flour, is that they end up typically quite high in kilojoules. This recipe contains no flour at all. So you are basically eating an egg, some cream and cacao.

If you get sweet cravings from eating xylitol, then beware. But if you dont have that problem, then this is a lovely snack.

The texture of the one I baked was nice and smoothe. I think one can bake this as cupcakes in the oven too, and it should come out more consistent. Microwave cakes tend to rise quickly, and then collapse back down. Of course the convenience factor of starting now and eating cake 5 minutes from now is always a plus.

I tested my ketone levels the morning after having this, and it did not affect my ketosis at all.



1 egg

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