January 2015 Price List

Happy New Year to all our new and existing customers.

Thank you for your support last year and we are looking forward to assist you with your banting journey in 2015.

Our January 2015 price list is ready and is on the opening page of our website at this link.

Remember we are working on a monthly ordering system where you need to place your orders with us before or on the 26th of the month, where after we will order in bulk from our suppliers. Orders will be ready within the first 7-10 working days in the following month (February 2015.)

Please feel free to contact us on our email address thebantinglifestyle@gmail.com for all your banting requirements.


Cut off date for orders – the 26th!

Remember the cut-off date for orders for November is the 26th of October which is this coming Sunday.

If you haven’t already placed your order with us, please download our price list, complete the order form and email it back to us.

The reason why we work on a monthly ordering system is to place bulk orders at our suppliers and to get bulk discounts. Therefore we can pass these affordable prices on to our customers.

We strive to be more affordable than most health shops or pharmacies selling Banting products. Please feel free to compare our prices!

We are looking forward to your order!